This is how you download and make Whatsapp stickers

WhatsApp offers the possibility to send stickers, with which you can give your conversations some extra color on top of the range of gifs and emoticons. You can download ready-made stickers, but you can also make them yourself. You can read more about that in this article.

Download stickers

Ready-made sets with stickers are available for download via Whatsapp. To do this, first tap the emoji sign on the left. At the bottom of the gray bar you will see three icons: a smiley, the poison icon and a square with a folded corner. Tap the latter to get to the stickers. Then add (new) stickers by tapping the plus icon at the top right. You download a sticker set by tapping the circle with the down arrow in it.

Of course, there are also plenty of apps available with sticker sets. For example Stickers pack for Whatsapp – WAStickersApp. This app contains different categories of sticker sets that you can download. You add the stickers by tapping the plus next to the sets. They are then automatically displayed in Whatsap. A disadvantage is that if you remove these apps, the stickers will also disappear from your Whatsapp.

By the way, most sticker apps can only be found in the Google Play Store. Apple has had many sticker apps removed from the App Store because they allegedly violated the terms and conditions. For example, sticker apps are too similar and have similar content and features.

Make your own stickers

To make your own stickers, download the Create Stickers for Whatsapp app. In this app you can create your own sticker sets by tapping the plus sign at the bottom right or by using one of the two pre-selected sets.

You create a sticker by selecting an empty square. You will then enter the edit mode. For example, you can now stick all kinds of emojis and stickers together to make a big crazy mess. You use the emoji button and the sticker button for this. Pinch or magnify to fit all the images together. You save the sticker by tapping the check mark at the top right.

But the best thing about making your own stickers is of course the fact that you can also use photos to make stickers. This does require some patience with cropping, dragging and pinning. You select a photo by tapping 'cut out'. This will take you to your gallery. Follow with your finger the lines of what you want to crop and then choose 'crop'.

Now you can go wild again with all kinds of stickers and emojis. Add crazy glasses or hats or text for example to perfect your unique sticker. You can also save the sticker again by tapping the check mark.

When your sticker set is finished, it's time to add it to Whatsapp to show everyone you know your creations. You simply add a set by tapping the plus sign to the right of the stickers. You can then find the set in Whatsapp under the sticker icon and then under the own tab of the Create Stickers for Whatsapp app.

Now you can use your homemade stickers in Whatsapp to your heart's content. In any case, your Whatsapp conversations will be a lot happier!

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