5 photo and video tips for WhatsApp

One of the most used ways we share photos and videos with each other today is via WhatsApp. With these tips for your Android smartphone, you can send your WhatsApp photos in the highest quality and store them clearly with your other photos. Check out our 5 photo and video tips for WhatsApp here

Tip 01 Own camera, uncompressed

When you press the camera icon in the text window in a WhatsApp conversation, you can take a photo or quickly choose one of your recent photos. The photo that you then take or choose is then heavily compressed: the quality of the image is reduced to save data.

However, would you rather use your own camera app or would you rather not have WhatsApp compress your photos? Recently, this is possible in WhatsApp. In the same text box, do not press the camera icon, but the paperclip. Then briefly press the camera button that appears in the new window and then choose to take a photo or a video. Not only can you now take photos and videos with your favorite camera app, you can also send them in the best quality, which is great if you want to view or print them on your PC.

Tip 02 Own gallery, uncompressed

The above tip is useful when you take new photos and videos and send them via WhatsApp. But usually you want to send existing photos via the chat service. When you press the attachment button (paperclip) and you choose Gallery, you get a built-in gallery and the photo or video you choose will also be sent compressed.

However, the same method we applied to the camera also works for the gallery. Press the paperclip, hold the Gallery button and you will be given the option to choose your own favorite gallery app. For example, Google Photos. Choose a photo or video and you will notice that it is also sent in the best quality.

Tip 03 Save WhatsApp photos in the cloud

Speaking of Google Photos. This app is ideal to use as a backup for your photos. Not only can you see all your saved photos via the app and save space on your smartphone by moving your photos to the cloud. You can also view your photos on any device with a browser by navigating to //photos.google.com.

It would be useful to store your WhatsApp photos in this as well. You can basically backup all your photos (and videos) that you receive on WhatsApp here. You do this by opening the Google Photos App, at the bottom Albums and then under Photos on device press WhatsApp Images to push. Turn on the slider at Backup and Sync and you save all your WhatsApp photos. You do videos in the same way, only then you look up WhatsApp Videos.

However, you probably don't want to move everything you receive on WhatsApp to the cloud. That is not necessary. Instead of flipping the slider on WhatsApp Images in the Google Photos app, you can also manually select photos, press the three dots in the top left and for Back up now select.

Tip 04 Copy to PC

Do you prefer to stay out of the cloud, but still like to have your WhatsApp photos on your PC? Then connect the cable between your smartphone and PC. Go to the notification screen of your Android and choose file transfer instead of charging. Now you can see your smartphone in the explorer of the PC at This Computer. Open this and go to the folder whatsapp, the folder Media and finally WhatsApp Images. Here you will find all the pictures you received via WhatsApp, which you can copy to your PC (or cut, if you run out of space on your smartphone). In the folder WhatsApp Videos you will also find your received videos.

Tip 05 General backup

You can also just back up everything on WhatsApp: conversations, photos and videos. There are two methods for this. You can connect your smartphone to your PC and copy the entire WhatsApp folder (including subfolders) to your PC. When you copy this folder to the same location of a (new) smartphone, then install and open WhatsApp, WhatsApp restores the conversations itself.

You can also back up via Google Drive. This is fully automatic. On your phone, go to WhatsApp settings, choose chats and then Chat backup. Here you can manually start a backup by pressing the green button.

But you can also choose to backup automatically every day if you are connected via Wi-Fi. If you do this at night, you don't have to worry about it and it won't bother you.

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