Why am I not seeing certain posts on Facebook?

It is possible that your important messages from certain friends do not appear on your Facebook timeline, while you actually want to see these kinds of posts. Why is that and can you do something about it? We explain it in this article.

Why are you not seeing certain Facebook updates?

Many people think there is something wrong with their Facebook account when it turns out that they are systematically missing updates from friends and acquaintances. In reality this is not so. The reality is that most people have so many friends and follow so many pages that it would be impossible if all those updates were shown on your timeline.

Facebook even indicated in an interview a while ago that the number of updates would be more than 1500 per day. If you thought you were missing posts now, just think of a timeline with 1500 posts. For that reason, Facebook filters the messages. This is done on the basis of all kinds of calculations, such as what your relationship is with someone, how often you have contact with that person via Facebook, how often you respond and so on.

You can imagine that this can lead to a vicious circle. Because if you don't see someone, you are also less in contact with them, and that person drops further on Facebook's priority list. Fortunately, you can do something about that.

Decide for yourself which updates you see

You have absolutely no influence on the algorithms Facebook uses to determine which updates you see and which you don't. However, you can cause a person to suddenly meet the criteria that Facebook applies to someone whose updates are shown.

You do this by clicking on the heading in Facebook friends in the left pane (it can be quite low if you have a lot of pages and groups). Then click on the list Good friends and then at the top right Manage List / Edit List. Then you simply add the people of whom you would rather see the updates from now on. By adding them to the Close Friends list, Facebook knows that these are people you want updates on your timeline, and will be serving them from now on.

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