This is how you should cancel Disney+

You've been able to enjoy Disney+ for free for the past two months. November 12 is the official launch of the streaming service. Don't plan to use Disney+ any longer or do you want to cancel the service before you have to pay? You can cancel Disney+ for free.

Cancel Disney+? This is what you should do

  • Step 1: Go to the Disney+ website
  • Step 2: Log in to your account
  • Step 3: Click on your name or avatar at the top right
  • Step 4: Go to Account
  • Step 5: Under subscriptions, click Billing Information
  • Step 6: click on Cancel subscription
  • Step 7: click on Complete cancellation

After Disney+ had a two-month trial period in the Netherlands, the streaming service will officially start on November 12. The service will see its launch in America, Canada and Australia, among others. However, the launch does mean that the free trial period is over. From 12 November you pay € 6.99 for the service. Not convinced yet? Read here how you can cancel your subscription. The advantage is: if you cancel now, you can watch Disney+ until November 13.

Created an account via the website?

When creating your account you specified a payment method. You had the choice of three options: iDeal, Credit card and PayPal. In addition, you could create your account in two different ways: via the website, or via the app. These choices affect not only how Disney+ receives your money, but also how you should cancel the subscription.

If you created the account via the app, the application will send you to the website at the Billing Details step. Then follow the steps above.

Created an account via tablet or smartphone?

If you have created your account via the app, logging out works a little differently. In this example, an account was created via the Android app and PayPal was used as the payment method. As a result, the Google Play account is linked to the Disney+ account. Deleting your account is then something else. You have to manage your subscriptions and also cancel via Google Play. This also applies to people who own an iPhone or iPad, but then you cancel subscriptions via the App Store.

How to cancel Disney+ via Google Play:

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Play store via the website or the app
  • Step 2: Click on the three lines on the left and go to My Subscriptions
  • Step 3: Click on Disney+
  • Step 4: Then click Cancel subscription

This works almost the same on the App Store. Click on your account at the top right of the App Store and go to Subscriptions. Here you can cancel the subscription.

When you cancel the subscriptions, you can still temporarily use the service. The subscription expires on 12-11-2019. You can continue to use Disney+ until November 12. Disney launches many new movies and series on this day to reinforce the official launch. So it is still possible to quickly watch an episode of The Mandolorian on the 12th. Avengers: EndGame has also been brought forward a week and can be viewed on November 12.

The current Disney+ library consists mainly of classic Disney movies and series and Marvel and Pixar films. Disney is also creating exclusive content for the streaming service. The Mandolorian promises to be a great series. The Mandolorian is a live-action series set in the Star Wars universe. This series will launch on November 12. In addition, Disney says it will release more exclusive movies and series on the platform, including a new Marvel series in the form of Hawkeye.

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