This is how you record phone calls with your iPhone

It happens to all of us from time to time: you are not satisfied with a purchased product or service and you want to complain about it to the customer service of the respective seller. He or she then makes certain promises to solve things, but ultimately does not fulfill the agreements. Because you have not received confirmation on paper, you do not have a leg to stand on. In such a case it is useful to record a telephone conversation. You can record telephone conversations with TapeACall.

Step 1: Download TapeACall

The App Store is full of apps that let you record calls, and they all work in much the same way: by using the conference call feature in iOS. There are always costs associated with these apps. It differs per app how high those costs are. With TapeACall you can record an unlimited number of calls for about 5 euros per month, both calls that you receive and calls that you initiate yourself. Most other apps charge an amount per minute and that can quickly add up.

Step 2: Outgoing calls

To use TapeACall you need the subscription, but you can try it for free for seven days. You must choose a local access number after verifying your phone number via SMS. This is the number used to record the call. To record a call, launch the app and press the big red record button. The local access number is then called, and after a few seconds the plus sign becomes active. Press to add a contact (that is, the person you want to call). Once you've done this, the merge active after a few seconds. Press to merge the call. From now on, the conversation will be recorded.

Is that allowed?

Can you actually record a conversation yourself? Yes you can, and you are not obliged to inform someone else about this in advance. However, companies are not allowed to record conversations without prior permission. Usually you will hear before a phone call that the conversation can be recorded for training purposes.

Step 3: Incoming calls

But what about calls you receive, because in that case you can't open the TapeACall app first. That's right, but secretly you don't need the app to merge conversations. A contact person will be added to your address book, called TapeACall. When you receive a call, simply press the plus sign again, this time adding TapeACall to the call. Then tap again merge. From that moment on, this conversation will also be recorded. To listen to conversations you have recorded, press the button with the symbol Play in the app.

To share

The app also offers the option to save your conversations and then share them with others. You can save the recorded conversations as a public url or as an audio file. When you press one of these saved fragments you will get the option to share the conversation. This can be done via various platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

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