The 15 Best Streaming Apps for Android and iOS

We all know the well-known streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+, but there are actually many more apps with which it is possible to stream movies and series. Many of these apps support Chromecast and AirPlay to simply view images on a TV. These are the best streaming apps for Android and iOS.

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Chromecast and AirPlay

Many apps in this article are suitable for 'casting' via Chromecast and AirPlay. So you can simply display images on a TV or send music to your speakers. Chromecast is a technique from Google with the same name HDMI dongle that you can plug directly into your TV. You provide the dongle with power via a USB charger or a USB port on your TV. AirPlay gives you about the same options. You can use an Apple TV to display images on a TV.

1 TV Series

Black Mirror, The Crown, Stranger Things: there are so many new series to watch via television, DVD and the well-known streaming services that you almost need an app to keep track of what you've seen… and TV Series as one of the best. The app retrieves details about series from, an open database for television fans. With the app you can easily keep track of your own favorite series and you can watch trailers and see when the next episode becomes available. Fortunately, spoilers remain hidden!

android (free)

2 KPN Interactive TV

KPN's iTV Online app recently received an update and this new name. You can watch traditional TV channels via Android, iPhone and (soon) iPad. Since the update, you can watch even more channels outdoors, including Fox Sports broadcasts. Enjoy on the road or watch football with friends. Not all changes are positive: the interface is more complicated; you need more actions to go back to the TV guide from a TV broadcast, for example.

iOS, Android (free)

3 Ziggo GO

If you have a TV subscription with Ziggo, you can watch TV on your smartphone and tablet with this new app (which replaces Horizon Go). The most important feature is that you can watch up to a thousand channels live, with many channels in HD quality. There is also a program guide in which you can watch programs up to a week after the broadcast thanks to Replay TV. Outdoors you can watch via 3G/4G or WiFi. Casting via Airplay or Google Chromecast is built in but unfortunately only works for live TV, not for Replay TV.

iOS, Android (free)

4 Plex

We love Plex. Of course, you have to do something for it, such as installing the Plex Media Server software on a PC or server. But then you can enjoy movies, series, music and photos that are stored on, for example, a NAS anywhere in the house. Playback can be done with a smartphone or tablet, and most smart TVs also have a Plex app. You can cast to the TV via your mobile via Airplay or Chromecast. Those who are a bit handy can also view the streams on the road, for example in the train.

iOS, Android (free)

6 Veronica Superguide

As a modern television viewer, you especially want to see the on-demand offer in a clear manner, and that is possible with Veronica Superguide. In addition to the regular TV guide, this app also shows the range of Netflix, Pathé Thuis, iTiunes, Videoland, NLziet and Broadcast Missed. The app takes into account your preferences, such as the on-demand resources you want to track. Do you want to quickly find out where you can watch a certain film or series? You can search a large database (more than 40,000 titles) for this.

iOS, Android (free)

7 Upflix

Are you having trouble fishing for the gems from the huge range of Netflix? Upflix can be a good help. You can see at a glance which series and movies have recently been added to Netflix, possibly arranged by category. You can also see the ratings from viewers on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, among others. The app also provides an overview of the latest Netflix and cinema news through various media sources.

iOS, Android (free)

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