This way you can watch movies and series on Netflix for free

Netflix still remains one of the most expensive streaming services you can currently choose from. A subscription will quickly cost you 11 to 14 euros per month. Not everyone is up for that. Netflix meets these viewers by making some movies and series available for free.

By clicking on this link you will be taken to a special Netflix page, where you can find a limited number of free movies and series from the Netflix Originals range. For example, you can currently see the popular films The Two Popes, Bird Box and Murder Mystery without having to have a paid subscription. You don't even need to create an account.

One episode per series

You will also find series in the offer, including Stranger Things, Grace and Frankie, When They See Us, Our Planet and Elite. But before you jump for joy: you can only watch the first episode of the first season. If you want to see the rest of a series, you will still have to take out a paid subscription. Netflix has promised to update the free offer once in a while, so you always have something to watch. How often the streaming service will do this is unknown.

The so-called Watch Free page of Netflix can only be visited on a PC, laptop and an Android tablet or smartphone.

You can even watch the free movies and series on your smart TV, but this is somewhat cumbersome. You then have to go to the browser on your TV and enter the link in the taskbar.

Unfortunately it is not possible to access the page on an iPhone or iPad. It is unclear what the reason behind this is. The Watch Free page also does not work in your browser's incognito mode. The service then gives an error message when playing videos.

Previously you could also start a free trial of a week, but the streaming service no longer offers this recently.


If you quickly run out of Netflix's free offer, you can also consider other streaming services. There are many options available these days: from KPN Interactive TV to Upflix and Vevo. You can also stream movies for free through Plex, a streaming service that resembles Netflix.

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