This is how you get shared folders back in Windows 10

Have you recently reinstalled Windows 10? Then you may have noticed that in some cases you can no longer access shared folders. If your NAS uses the SMB 1.0 protocol, access from Windows 10 is blocked. But with this trick you enable SMB/CIFS again.

The SMB (Server Message Block) or CIFS (Common Internet File System) protocol is for accessing external devices that may or may not belong to your home network. In Windows 10, you could always easily connect to your NAS by just typing the name of your NAS, preceded by two back slashes, for example \MEDIA FILES.

Disabled after clean install

If you have recently reinstalled Windows 10, you may have noticed that you can no longer access, for example, your NAS or other shared folders of other computers on your network. Since the 1709 update, the SMB/CIFS feature has been disabled, but only if you have reinstalled Windows 10; at a so-called in place update this feature is not touched and you probably have no problems connecting to shared folders.


Fortunately, enabling the SMB 1.0/CIFS is easy, as it's not like that feature is gone. Set it up as follows: open it Control Panel and choose Programs and Parts . Then click on the left Enable or disable Windows features.

A list of Windows options that you can turn on or off will now appear. Scroll down the list until you see an option Support for SMB 1.0/CIFS for file sharing encounters.

Then turn on the 'main check mark', so that the underlying check marks are also enabled.

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