In 3 steps: Dropbox as FTP server

Dropbox is very popular and makes it easy to share files and folders. Thanks to DBinbox, you can receive files in your Dropbox, even from people who don't have Dropbox (or don't know how it works). It is a kind of ftp server in a modern jacket.

Step 1: DBinbox

DBinbox creates a link between a folder in your personal Dropbox and a public website. The website allows others to place files in your Dropbox. Fortunately, reading these files is not possible, it is a one-way street.

As soon as someone has sent you a file via DBinbox, you will automatically receive it in your Dropbox. The unique thing about DBinbox is that you don't give the service full access to your Dropbox, something that happens with similar initiatives (and that's not a nice idea). DBinbox can only access the Apps\dbinbox folder.

Step 2: No full access please!

Surf to the DBinbox website. Enter a simple name in the form. This name determines the link you get from DBinbox. The name PostvakjeVanHenk ensures that we can receive files via // Confirm with Link with Dropbox.

You will be redirected to the official Dropbox website where you can allow access must be approved. Your personal mailbox is immediately ready for use. Forward the link // to people you want to receive files from. A website opens. Adding files can be done via drag-and-drop or with the button Choose files. The files will automatically arrive in your Dropbox.

DBinbox gives you a link that allows you to receive files directly to your Dropbox.

Step 3: FTP server, but different

The nice thing about the trick with DBinbox and Dropbox is that you can always receive files, even if your computer is not switched on for a while. This works like a modern ftp server, the word that for many people is still synonymous with sending large files.

If you want to stop using DBinbox, you can visit your personal page of this service ( in this example). Follow the instructions at Delete dbinbox account to delete your account. You can also unlink DBinbox from your Dropbox at any time via the official Dropbox website. Go to //, click on your name at the top right of the screen and choose Settings. In the tab My apps you will find all the services you have (ever) given access to your Dropbox account.

Receive large files? Forget complicated ftp servers, DBinbox is much simpler.

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