Italics, bold, crossed out: this is how you format text in WhatsApp

We're on WhatsApp all day and while emoijis are a great way to reinforce our words, sometimes you just want to add that little bit extra to your text. You can therefore add formatting to your WhatsApp messages for a while, although not everyone knows how to do this yet. This is how you format your text in WhatsApp

First, type the text you would like to send. Before tapping the send arrow, press and hold the text you want to format. Your phone will then automatically select the word or words. Select the three dots below each other next to the options 'cut, copy, paste'. Via the dots you now have the options to make your text bold, italic, crossed out or so-called 'monospace'. Select the desired option and you will see that if you send the text now, the selected part has been formatted.

It is of course also possible to add multiple types of formatting to one piece of text. To do this, keep selecting the text, and choose all the desired formatting. So you can make a word italicized, crossed out and bold, if you really want to make a party out of it.

Shortcut abbreviations

If you add formatting to your text in this way, you will soon see that characters appear next to the word that make the word italic or bold if desired.

Those are the abbreviations. If you find it annoying to continuously select the text first, then choose the format and then select again, you can of course also remember these abbreviations.

You make a text in WhatsApp bold by putting the desired word between asterisks. So it looks like this: suppose you want *this* word to be bold, then this is done by the asterisk (*). Note: sometimes you just want to put something in asterisks because you want to express a certain action in the text. If you don't want this text to be bold, simply type a space between the asterisk and the word.

You add italic formatting by putting the word between _underscores_. Crossing out your text is done by putting your text between ~these~ tildes.

The monospace option is a completely different font that you can use. The shortcut for this is three slashes that you would normally put on a word like this: ```.

So if you're not a fan of emojis anyway, but you want to emphasize your texts a bit more, you can add formatting to your WhatsApp messages.

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