Send an e-card? On these sites you will find suitable digital greeting cards

Card World and House of Cards were once well-known sites for sending electronic cards, or e-cards. However, those sites have merged into large websites that actually sell physical cards. Computer!Totaal will look for you where there is still a nice e-card to send.


Everyone knows them, the free cards that you can often find in the hallway of the pub or school. They are Boomerang cards, creative outbursts often sponsored by companies. That's okay, though, because Boomerang's smart guys know how to wrap the message in such a fun or charming card that you'll be happy to grab a few. You don't just have to do this physically, it can also be done digitally.

On the Boomerang website, one of the few Dutch websites to send digital maps, you will find a coast and a selection of recent maps that you can send via social media or e-mail. You can even choose between cards that you now find 'on the rack' or cards per life moment or feeling.

It's free to send an e-card through Boomerang and you can put it together quickly, because there isn't that much choice. That is not necessary at all: in addition to the name and e-mail address of the sender and recipient, you only have to type a message. If the 'front' of the card doesn't already speak volumes.


Don't be put off by the name, luckily electronic cards are available worldwide and there are no limits here. However, there is a limit that can scare you off at American Greetings, because the service will cost you 18 euros for a whole year. For this you get to choose a large selection of e-cards that are regularly updated.

Unlike Boomerang, AmericanGreetings offers few smart cards and they are more of a classic. There are some cartoon cards, but what AmericanGreetings should mainly rely on is what can be done extra. There are cards with a music that can be tuned to someone's name and the reason for the card, but also video cards and the option to add a gift card.

Perhaps not the most friendly gift, because with an e-card with gift card it seems very last minute, but if someone is on the other side of the world, then such a surprise is not so bad after all.

punch bowl

Where many websites for sending e-cards are rather old-fashioned, Punchbowl has a more modern look. This website makes it seem like you are sending a physical card, because a digital envelope is actually put around the digital card. You can even choose what text goes on the envelope and what the stamp looks like.

You can choose from a fine selection of tickets: not too much and not too little. You can also choose to add a gift card to your wish here. They must be Amazon gift cards.

You have enough space to write on the inside of the card and you can choose from different colors, fonts and font sizes. An account is not necessary when sending an e-card, so you can send a card quickly, without too much hassle.

Wrong cards

Wrongcards compares well with Boomerang in terms of structure. The offer is clear and with a big wink and you can't choose everything. You type in your name and e-mail address, that of your recipient and you can write a message, but you can't choose a font or font color.

What is so nice about Wrongcards are the designs and the fact that they play a huge role in current events. Not suitable for every recipient, but if someone likes a good laugh or likes the dark things in life, they will probably be happier with a Wrongcard than with the exaggerated perfection of some other ecards.

You don't have to pay for your Wrongcard or create an account, so if you're really mean you can also enter another name to fool someone. But, in these times when so much is already coming at us, keep it a bit nice, huh?

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