Read unlimited books with and Kobo

Earlier this year, launched its own version of Netflix in collaboration with Kobo: unlimited books for a fixed price per month. This is possible on a Kobo e-reader, but also simply on your smartphone, using the Kobo app. We explain how that works.

Step 1: Subscribe

Before you can read a book on your smartphone, you must first subscribe to's Kobo service. This costs ten euros per month, where you get the first month for free to try out. To sign up, surf to and click Categories / Books / Kobo Plus ebook subscription. Then click on Start your free 30 days. You must then log in to your account and provide some payment details, after which you can immediately use your subscription.

Step 02: Install App

To be able to read the books from your Kobo Plus ebook subscription on your smartphone, you also need to install the correct app. Search for Kobo in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the free Kobo app (not to be confused with the regular Kobo app). Then press Do you already have an account? Login. Log in now with your account that is linked to the e-book subscription.

Step 03: Read Ebook

As soon as you are logged in, you will see an overview of any books you have already opened and below that an overview of the current top 50. Unfortunately, you can't buy books from your app yet. For this you need to go to the site and click on Categories / Books / Kobo Plus ebooks. Click on the book you want to read and then Read with Kobo Plus. The book will be added to your library and immediately viewable in the Kobo Plus app (by pressing Books at the bottom).

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