MailStore Home 8.2 - Read, archive, export and find email

E-mail is no longer just used for a simple text, but many keep their contracts, photos and important attachments in it. Annoying if you lose this data. With MailStore you can archive and export all your important emails.

MailStore Home 8.2

Language: Dutch

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8


9 Score 90
  • Pros
  • Quick search
  • Easily transfer archives
  • Create archives
  • Negatives
  • Limited to three POP3 or IMAP accounts
  • Cannot archive email automatically

MailStore Home is a free program that has archiving as its main functionality. But the program can do more. You can also easily switch from email server and email client. Suppose you want to switch from Thunderbird e-mail client to Microsoft Outlook, then you simply export your archive to the new e-mail client. It is even possible to export your archive to an IMAP mailbox or Exchange mailbox.

Archive, categorize

The MailStore user interface is simple and fully Dutch. The categories are located on the left side of the program. Clicking on a category displays the options on the right side of a window. This is how you see Homepage a clear overview of the archives and size on the disk and you can quickly access one of the other categories. Bee Archive emails you can add your email accounts, email client and email files such as eml and msg files. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to a maximum of three IMAP accounts. You may be able to delete an IMAP account after archiving without losing the archived email.

Another handy feature of MailStore Home is that it can quickly search archived emails. You can filter by various items, such as the sender, date, attachment, size, and priority. It is nice that a search can be saved. This way you don't have to enter a search query every time.

With a few clicks you can export your e-mail to another server or to a file.


MailStore is a great program if you want to backup email, switch servers or clients, or frequently search for emails from your archives. And if you want to switch, you can start archiving your Hotmail account in no time at all and you can export it to, for example, your Gmail account. The interface is in Dutch and clear. It is a pity that a maximum of three IMAP or POP3 clients can be used at the same time and we miss the function to automatically archive e-mail.

Creating an archive can take some time, especially if you have a lot of emails and it has to be pulled from a server.

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