Total Conquest: A war we've seen before

Developer Gameloft usually has a reputation for not being too original when it comes to game development. The company clearly uses successful apps as an example very often. The same goes for Total Conquest, because we've seen this game before, haven't we?

Price: Free

Available for: iOS & Android

Tested on: iPhone

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6 Score 60
  • Pros
  • Looks nice
  • New setting
  • Negatives
  • Not very original
  • Too little innovation

Total Conquest is a free-to-play game set in Roman times, in which the aim is to build a city yourself. It is important to erect the right buildings both militarily and economically. For example, resources help you to make your city bigger, while military structures have to ensure that invaders do not take your city. Total Conquest is an online game and it is therefore possible to attack other players. Of course, this can also happen the other way around.

If the above description sounds familiar to you, this is absolutely not surprising. Gameloft has clearly taken the successful Clash of Clans as the starting point for Total Conquest. Unfortunately, it must be concluded that the makers have gone quite far in this. Not only is the idea of ​​the game not original, but even the buildings, units and game options that are present seem to have been taken over. It is a pity to see that Gameloft has hardly made the effort to introduce innovative elements here.

Fortunately, this does not mean that Total Conquest gives you the feeling that you have started a new game because of the different setting. The game also knows how to distinguish itself from Clash of Clans in terms of graphics. Whether this would be a reason for me to switch to the game I don't know, but if you missed Clash of Clans or are ready for something new, Total Conquest might be worth a try.


Total Conquest is a multiplayer game set in Roman times. The aim of the game is to build your own city and defend it against other players. Unfortunately, Total Conquest seems to be almost identical to the hit game Clash of Clans in many elements. In addition to a nicer design and a new setting, the game offers little new. If this is enough for you, Total Conquest is a game you can always try.

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