Samsung QE65Q67RALXXN - Affordable QLED TV

The Samsung QE65Q67RALXXN is the most affordable option from the QLED series of Samsung televisions. Is this TV worth it, or should you invest more in another QLED TV from Samsung?

Samsung QE65Q67RALXXN

Price 1.199,-

Website 8 Score 80

  • Pros
  • Ambient Mode
  • Smart Remote
  • Smart Hub
  • Low lag and game features
  • Image processing
  • Color rendering and contrast
  • Negatives
  • audio
  • No 3.5mm jack
  • Limited viewing angle
  • Brightness
  • No Dolby Vision
  • Too aggressive noise cancellation

Design & Connections

A nice finish is also possible on a middle class car. Just look at the Q67R: quite slim profile, nicely arched back with nice stripe pattern, brushed metal frame and two elegant feet.

All connections are on the side, ideal for wall mounting. The device has four HDMI connections, all ready for Ultra HD HDR. They also support VRR, ALLM, HFR, and ARC. There is no headphone jack, but Bluetooth is provided for wireless headphones.

Image quality

Samsungs used in all 2019 QLED models are Quantum Processor 4K. This ensures very good image processing. The image is sharp and nicely detailed and the upscaling is excellent. The noise reduction makes short work of blocking in the image and removes soft color bands, but it is best to leave this setting in the 'Low' position. The 'Auto' mode sometimes removes too much detail. Gamers can also count on an excellent lag of 15.6 ms, and support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and HFR (High Frame Rate). In fast-moving images you lose a minimum of detail, there is a slightly blurry edge visible around moving objects, but the result is fine in this price category.

The Q67R is not equipped with local dimming, for that you have to go to higher QLED models. But the VA panel delivers an excellent contrast, with an excellent black value and many visible shadow nuances. Combined with the excellent color reproduction and natural skin tones, this makes for very beautiful images. You have to take into account the limited viewing angle, a typical problem with VA panels. Contrast fades very quickly if you are not in the center of the image.


You expect a considerable brightness from a QLED model, but the Q67R disappoints in that area. With 450 nits, it remains just below the 500 nits limit that we put first for good HDR reproduction. It is a step back from last year. The color range is excellent. The calibration in Film mode is decent, but the device makes bright parts a bit too dark. In addition, in some images he makes the dark parts too bright and the bright parts too dark, so that the image loses contrast and impact. The Samsung has enough potential for nice HDR images, but would benefit from a better calibration. Like all Samsung models, it supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG, but unfortunately no Dolby Vision.

Smart TV

Samsung's own smart TV system, the Smart Hub, is by far one of our favorite smart TV systems. You perform the installation using your smartphone and the SmartThings app, or in the classic way with the remote. The interface is compact, very clear, works smoothly, and you can quickly find all functions, apps, live TV, external sources and settings of the television. With a few clicks, you can also put your favorite things first in the list. Samsung now also supports AirPlay 2 and has an Apple TV app, so that iOS users can now effortlessly watch their content on TV.


One of the advantages of the Q67R compared to the other Q60R models is that it gets the same premium Smart Controller remote as the top models. The alloy remote has a luxurious appearance, it fits well in the hand, and is easy to operate. Don't worry about the limited number of keys, thanks to the excellent Smart Hub environment, almost every action can be found and performed smoothly and quickly. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Rakuten TV got their own button on the remote.

After a simple installation procedure, the Smart Controller can also serve to control connected source devices such as Blu-ray player, game console or digital TV set-top box. For example, only one remote control needs to be on the coffee table.

Ambient Mode

When you're not watching TV, Ambient Mode puts your photos on the screen, weather and news information or all kinds of artful patterns. Ambient Mode has been greatly expanded since last year and is now easier to adjust using your smartphone. This way you can adapt the colors of some art patterns to your living room. You can still take a picture of the wall behind the device, which then cleverly uses the TV as a background, making it almost disappear. A large black area in the living room when the TV is turned off, that is a thing of the past.

Sound quality

The sound quality is sufficient for your daily portion of watching TV, but really impressive movie soundtracks or good music reproduction are not available. As soon as you ask for a little more volume, the high and low tones weaken noticeably. A soundbar seems appropriate for maximum movie enjoyment.


The Samsung QE65Q76R is an entry-level model from Samsung's premium QLED series. You drop features of higher models such as local dimming and the One Connect box. But the peak brightness also takes a significant step back compared to the more expensive models. Nevertheless, this Samsung still has a lot of trump cards.

The 65 inch screen is particularly attractive to gamers. It has good motion sharpness, and good contrast and beautiful colors. The input lag is very low, and the HDMI connections offer all the required gaming features. But the average television viewer also gets a nice device with excellent image quality and very good image processing. Thanks to Ambient Mode and its premium design, it disappears effortlessly into your interior. In addition to excellent ease of use, the Smart Hub also offers a huge range of streaming services. Anyone who can get the device with a discount is doing a good thing, otherwise there are certainly competitors that offer similar image quality.

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