How to put YouTube on your desktop

YouTube has the handy feature to create playlists. It is widely used to listen to music. The downside is that you always have to keep a browser window open for it. With Yout Player you put videos from YouTube on your desktop and keep them continuously on screen.

Install Yout Player

You download Yout Player from the website // There, choose the 32 or 64 bit edition for your operating system and then click English. A word of warning: This file is unfortunately offered on MediaFire, with quite a few advertisements. So pay attention to what you click on while downloading. Click on the green download button, download the file and extract the rar archive with for example 7-Zip. Then go into the extracted folder and double click yout.exe to start the program, after which the main screen opens. So it does not need to be installed. For easy access to the program, you can move it to the C:\Program Files folder. Then right click on yout.exe and choose Create shortcut. Place that shortcut in the %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder to easily start Yout Player from the start menu.


Yout Player automatically hides the elements of the interface when the program is not running. You can simply make the window larger or smaller by dragging the screen border with the mouse. To the left of Yout in the top bar is a button with two arrows. When you click on that, Yout Player changes to super compact mode, so it takes up very little space on your screen.


To add a new playlist, click in the menu bar on the leftmost button called Manage playlists. Then enter a name that you can choose yourself and enter the link of the YouTube playlist. On YouTube, you can find a playlist by going to a channel, for example Then go to the tab Playlists. Right click on a playlist title and copy the link. In Chrome, right click Copy link address, in Firefox on Copy Link Location. Paste that link in Yout and click Insert. You can add multiple playlists. To switch between lists, click on the title of another playlist in the menu bar.

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