OnePlus Explorer Backpack - Ideal tech bag

If you often travel with a laptop or tablet, you want a backpack in which you can safely take your equipment and where you can store your cables and accessories in an organized manner. The OnePlus Explorer Backpack, indeed from the smartphone manufacturer, is an ideal backpack for this.

OnePlus Explorer Backpack

Price € 109,-

Colors black, green

Format 34 x 47 x 13 cm

Website // 9 Score 90

  • Pros
  • Ideal for equipment
  • Ordered
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Negatives
  • Main compartment zipper is difficult to bend
  • Contents
  • Price

I think this is my first time discussing a product without a plug for Computer!Totaal. However, the Oneplus backpack is of such high quality and a real solution for many people (like me) who often go out with electronics. The OnePlus Explorer Backpack is not the first backpack that OnePlus offers, the Chinese smartphone brand has been selling the OnePlus Travel Backpack for several years now: a large backpack in which you can also store other things in addition to your equipment, such as clothing and bathing equipment. Which justifies the name Tavel Backpack.

Explorer Backpack

The Explorer Backpack is somewhat smaller than the OnePlus Travel Backpack. That makes the bag unsuitable for travel, shopping or weekends away. This OnePlus Explorer Backpack is a bit more modest in size and really ideal for day trips or for work. Moreover, the bag is full of handy features.

The closing button at the top of the bag closes magnetically, but to open the closure again you must first pull the label downwards. An extra hurdle for a bag thief, who is still confronted with a zipper after the closure when you open the flap. Because the single zipper has to be zipped down (to the side) you can only unzip the bag when you have opened the closure. The contents of the bag are therefore cleverly secured, although the zipper does not go around the bend very smoothly.

The less subtle thief will not be able to quickly reach the contents with a knife, because the OnePlus Explorer Backpack is made of sturdy nylon, which can also handle a lot of weight and makes the bag waterproof.

Backpack for tablet and laptop

In the main compartment you will find a pocket on the front and an insert sleeve to place, for example, a compact laptop, tablet or old-fashioned writing pad. However, there is also a larger space for your laptop (up to 15 inches), on the back of the bag. There is a zipper on the side of the bag so that you can safely store your most expensive device. A second pocket in this place can be used for valuable papers, smartphone or a wallet. For the less valuable necessities, such as chargers and power bank, you can use one of the two front pockets and a place is reserved on the side for your water bottle.

The closure is a clever idea, but a handy strap has been placed at the back near the handles. Thanks to this strap, you can slide the bag over the handle of your trolley. Why doesn't every backpack have this?

Comfortable backpack

It is also important that the bag is comfortable to wear. That's okay. The back and the handles are filled, so that the bag does not hang uncomfortably on your shoulders.

Those who like to organize their things in their backpack can enjoy this OnePlus Explorer Backpack. With all the boxes you know exactly what you have stored where. Only the bag is not very suitable for many things. In fact, when you start stuffing you will soon notice that the flap and magnetic closure no longer cooperate. Do you always take more than you ever need with you, or do you throw all your frills loose in your bag? Then this Oneplus backpack is not your best choice.


The OnePlus Explorer Backpack is a handy bag for days out or for work. You can store a lot of equipment in it safely and neatly, the backpack is also waterproof and comfortable. The disadvantage, however, is that you cannot put a lot in it and let's be honest, 109 euros for a backpack is a lot of money.

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