These are the best-selling laptops

When summer comes to an end, laptop sales peak. Many people are then looking for a new laptop for study or work. When choosing a laptop, it is good to know what the best-selling laptop is. Thanks to the Kieskeurig data, we can tell you what the most sold laptops are at the moment.

The Back to School campaign is currently running at Kieskeurig, in which some interesting new laptops are highlighted for study and work. Of course, Kieskeurig is used by many buyers of new laptops, which shows exactly which laptops are currently selling best. The top of most sold laptops is a very diverse list. But it turns out that people are looking for powerful and reliable laptops.

1. MacBook Air (2017)

The Apple Macbook Air 2017 is Apple's cheapest laptop, and is currently very popular. In fact, it is by far the best-selling laptop of the moment. Are you also planning to buy a MacBook Air? It might be worth waiting a little longer. Apple is expected to release the 2018 MacBook Air this fall, which may be a better choice, or else bring the price of the 2017 edition down.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad 300 320

Lenovo laptops are ideal workhorses, as is the Lenovo IdeaPad 320. Extremely solid, complete and reliable, for a great price. Not for nothing the best-selling Windows 10 laptop!

3. Acer Chromebook 15

Chromebooks are finally starting to break through. These laptops are also ideal for work and study: the battery life is long, the price is low and, unlike Windows, you never have to worry about malware. Nevertheless, laptops with Google's Chrome OS are functionally limited, despite the fact that they now run Android apps.

4. Apple MacBook Pro (2017)

Not only the cheapest MacBook is regularly sold, but also the most expensive version, which is Apple's most serious workhorse. However, last year's version sells better than the MacBook Pro 2018 series, perhaps the price has something to do with this. MacBooks cost a lot of money, so every saving is taken into account.

5.HP Notebook 15

The appearance of the HP Notebook 15 makes you think that you have an expensive, powerful, business laptop. That business is fine, in both appearance and specifications, which are powerful enough for the basic tasks. However, the price reveals why this laptop has secured its spot in the top 5.

6. MSI Gaming

A gaming laptop in the top 5 may sound a bit odd. But if you think about it, it makes sense. You can also work fine on a gaming laptop - and play games after work. Of course, not everyone who is looking for a new laptop is immediately looking for a laptop for school and work.

7. Asus Vivobook Pro

The Vivobook Pro has everything: powerful specifications, a video card, a beautiful metal housing and a compact size. A safe choice, no matter how diverse your work is.

8. MacBook Pro (2018)

While last year's MacBook Pro sells better, the latest version of Apple's most powerful laptop also sells a lot.

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