Do more with the calculator in Windows 10

Windows 10, like any previous version of this operating system, includes a calculator. For many it is a handy tool that is often used, with which a surprising amount can be done. Here we show you how to get the most out of the Windows 10 calculator.

The calculator in Windows 10 is such a tool that always comes in handy. It is therefore practical to leave this tile in the Start menu for quick access. In its standard form, it is a simple home-garden-and-kitchen machine whose operation speaks for itself. Of course you don't have to click on all functions and numbers with the mouse, the numerical part of the keyboard also works excellently. However, the tool contains even more beauty.

Click on the button with the three lines at the top left of the window and you will see a whole list of options appear. For example, click Scientific and you suddenly see an extensive calculator that also works fine for school work, for example. If you drag the calculator window wider (in most calculation modes), a History pane further appears on the right. This way you can quickly see what you have already calculated. You will also see the Memory tab appear, showing your stored number.

Conversion and more

For programmers comes the mode Computer programming comes in handy. This allows you to calculate quickly between and with number systems. Logical functions such as OR, NOT and AND are also available. Also worth noting is the currency converter. To do this, click in the menu under the three lines on Currencies. Then choose a source currency, for example euros and below that the target, for example the British pound. You can now immediately see the current value of, for example, 1 euro in pounds.

Downside here is that the basic arithmetic functions are missing; you cannot include converted currency directly in a calculation. What you can do is right-click on the converted value and then copy it. And with Control-V, for example, paste it back into the standard calculator. A bit cumbersome, but you can still calculate that way. The same goes for the Calculator's other conversion modes, either Volume and Length. From now on, miles and other exotic things will no longer hold any secrets for you.

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