Create professional PowerPoint presentations in 14 steps

Successful presentation starts with making a good presentation. Unfortunately, that's where things often go wrong. Movies that don't play because there's no internet are cluttered and overuse of effects and animations that distract the audience. We'll show you how in this article.

Tip 01: New presentation

Once you start PowerPoint, you can choose one of the included templates, but it's much more fun to build your presentation from scratch. You can make a professional-looking presentation faster from an empty 'canvas'. Templates look nice, but it often takes more work to cut out unnecessary frills and adjust the layout to your liking. That's why we click on the home screen Blank presentation and leave the templates as they are.

Tip 01 Start with an empty presentation.

Tip 02: Ribbons

When it comes to appearance and operation, PowerPoint is strikingly similar to other programs in the Microsoft Office suite. If you are familiar with Word or Excel, for example, you will quickly feel at home in this presentation program. If you are less familiar with it, it is important to know that the traditional menu bar has been replaced by tabs. As soon as you click on a tab, you will see a ribbon with all kinds of options. These are neatly grouped in a kind of boxes, with the name of the relevant part in light gray at the bottom of each box.

Tip 02 PowerPoint works with so-called ribbons.

Tip 03: Slides

In PowerPoint you work with so-called slides. One is a page that you show to your audience. You usually start with a title slide and you get that as a gift from PowerPoint, because it is standard present in an empty presentation. On this slide you will see two boxes. One to give a title to your presentation and another to give a subtitle. You click in a box, after which you can enter text. In the ribbon Start can you get to the part Font style format your text to your liking. Such as the font, color and font size. Bee Home / Paragraph you can align the text left, right or in the middle.

Tip 03 Most presentations start with a title page (title slide).

Tip 04: New slide

The title and subtitle on the title slide are text boxes. PowerPoint has all kinds of subjects. In addition to text, a box can also contain a picture or a video. Each box can be moved freely on the slide and the size is adjustable. Text boxes make it easy to adjust the layout. So you make a page (slide) slightly different than in a program such as Word. To create a new slide, click the ribbon Start in the field slides on New Dia. For convenience, we will note this as Home / Slides / New slide. You will see a list of slide types. Choose Empty to start with a blank slide. On the left side of the screen is a sidebar that shows thumbnails of all the slides in your presentation. This way you can quickly jump to any slide.

Tip 04 Add new slides to your presentation.

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