Spotify for Logitech Squeezebox

Thanks to Spotify, you never have to buy CDs again and MP3s are (almost) a thing of the past. For a small fee per month you can draw from a huge music library, playable in high quality. But how do you get the music to your stereo? We discuss the Spotify app for the Squeezebox Radio/Touch.

If you have a Logitech Squeezebox Radio or Squeezebox Touch, you can use it to listen to Spotify. The music service Spotify allows you to stream music from a music library that contains more than ten million songs. There is a free variant that allows you to listen for twenty hours and paid variants that give you unlimited listening without advertising. To use Spotify on other devices, such as the Squeezebox that we'll cover in this article, you'll need Spotify Premium. This subscription costs 9.99 euros per month. Logitech has two music devices that you can install apps on: Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch. Both systems have WiFi (802.11g) and LAN (10/100 Mbit). You can listen to Internet radio and play your computer's music collection. The Squeezebox Radio can be connected to your stereo system via the headphone jack. The Squeezebox Touch has analog (tulip) and digital connections on the back. The digital connection is especially a must for the music purists among us.

Squeezebox Server

A Squeezebox requires the Squeezebox Server software to play music from folders on your computer. This program is also required for the Spotify app. Squeezebox Touch users can use the server software installed on the device itself. With the Squeezebox Radio, the program runs externally, for example on your computer. The Spotify app for Squeezebox is easy to install. Access your Squeezebox settings at and choose App.gallerie / Music on demand. click on Spotify and then Install application. Choose Configure and enter your Spotify account information. From now on you will find Spotify in the list of installed applications on your Squeezebox.

Installing the Spotify app is via and is easy.


Those who are used to the computer version of Spotify know that searching and navigating for music is very quick and easy. In this regard, the Spotify app for Squeezebox is disappointing. It works, but the way is spartan. A delay of a few seconds regularly occurs, which is especially annoying for impatient people. This also applies to showing the album covers: often the music is already playing and it takes a while before the picture appears on the screen. The sound quality depends on the connection. For the Squeezebox Radio, this is comparable to a good clock radio via the built-in speakers, or you have to rely on the analog headphone connection. The Squeezebox Touch (299 euros) can also be connected digitally and gives a better sound quality, but you have to pay a lot for that.

Navigating and searching within Spotify app on the Squeezebox is slow.


The fastest way to play the right Spotify music on your Squeezebox is through playlists. Playlists are easiest to create with Spotify on your computer. Syncing playlists is automatic, the delay is negligible. The playlists are easily accessible from the Squeezebox. The Squeezebox app does not recognize subfolders (called Playlist folders) of playlists. If you work with this for more overview, your playlists on the Squeezebox will still end up in a big heap.

A (used) iPod Touch is a good alternative if you are looking for a Spotify player to connect to the stereo.


For those who already have a Squeezebox, the Spotify app is a must to install, even if it works 'more difficult' than you are used to from Spotify on the PC. Given the high prices of both the Squeezebox Radio (179 euros) and the Squeezebox Touch (299 euros), the Spotify app is no reason to purchase the device, especially when we look at the alternatives. The Spotify app for iPhone and iPod touch works better, smoother and faster. If you are looking for a good Spotify player for the stereo, a (used) iPod touch is, in our opinion, a better and cheaper choice, provided you can do without the digital connection.

Spotify for Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Radio

Price Free (app itself), additionally Spotify Premium required: € 9.99 per month

System requirements Logitech Squeezebox Touch/Radio, Squeezebox Server on for example a PC for the Squeezebox Radio.

Judgment 6/10


Easy installation

Play Spotify playlists

Essential application for Squeezebox Radio/Touch owners

Support multiple Spotify accounts


Only works with Spotify Premium

Slow navigation and operation

Finding music more difficult

Doesn't work as well as comparable app for iPhone and iPod touch

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