iPad in the car - Ideal companion for on the go

The touchscreen of your iPad offers great ease of use while in the car. After all, you don't have to stare at a tiny screen to request information. One condition is that you give the iPad a good place on the dashboard and install the right apps. We help you on your way.

As a motorist, you can take full advantage of the possibilities of the iPad while on the road. Obviously, it is not allowed to hold the tablet while on the road. For that reason, the first part of this article reviews various solutions to properly house the device in your car. Once that has been arranged, all kinds of useful apps are discussed that are suitable for use on the go. Also read: Upgrade your old car with your iPhone.

Navigating is of course obvious, but you can also use the iPad, for example, to detect traffic jams, refuel cheaply and keep a kilometer administration. In addition, the Apple device is a great tool for making screaming children in the back sing a little lower. Incidentally, this article does not discuss the iOS function CarPlay.

Internet and GPS

Not every iPad is suitable for use in the car. There are two important conditions. Mobile internet requires a SIM card slot so that the device can access information from the web on the go. Navigation and other location-based services require a GPS chip. This enables the device to determine the exact position of the device. Advantageously, iPads with a SIM card slot also automatically have a GPS function. The cheapest model with mobile internet and GPS is the iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 16 GB (first generation). This product costs 369 euros in the Apple Store. The latest model to meet the requirements is the iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular 16 GB. You pay 619 euros for this.


There are plenty of smart products available to attach your iPad to the dashboard or window. A simple car holder is sufficient for this. Please note that the product is suitable for your type of iPad, because the dimensions between the models differ. Keep in mind that the cheapest holders often have a weak fastening mechanism. A small suction cup for the window may not be strong enough to carry the relatively heavy iPad. Instead of a suction cup, some iPad holders can be attached to the dashboard air vent. Also note that some mounts require a separate cover (usually of the same brand). In addition, check whether there is a tilt function available, so that you can move the device in two directions.

Built-in iPad?

Installing an iPad in a car has not yet got off the ground. Actually, that is also understandable, because hardly anyone only uses the device while driving. Abroad, some car garages and hobbyists have experimented with replacing the on-board computer with an iPad. This has been possible, for example, with a Toyota Corolla. As long as Apple does not make concrete agreements with car manufacturers to develop suitable built-in equipment, this development will probably remain in its infancy for a while. Furthermore, Apple is of course fully committed to the use of CarPlay.

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