Find your smartphone with Android Device Manager

Until a few years ago, you only had one option when your Android smartphone was stolen or lost in some other way: buy a new one... Fortunately, Google now also has a system for finding Android devices. It's called Android Device Manager (or Device Manager) and that's how you use it.

Register your Android device

A smartphone tracking system is not unique, after all, both Apple and Microsoft use such a system for their phones. They all work slightly differently, but they have one thing in common: some preparation is needed. Also read: Lost your smartphone? That's how you find him.

For example, at Apple you have to activate the Find my iPhone app. With Android that works a little less cumbersome, all you have to do is register your smartphone with a Google account. In nine out of ten cases you have probably already done that, otherwise you cannot download apps. Once you have set up your Google account on your smartphone (the way differs per smartphone), the device is traceable.

If you delete your device, you will of course lose all your data. But at least someone else can do nothing with it.

Track your Android device

To trace the device, open your internet browser and surf to Android Device Manager‎. You will then be asked to log in, which you do of course with the same account with which you registered the smartphone in question. Once you are logged in, you will see a Google Map with the location of the missing device, accurate to a few meters. You can zoom in on the map to determine the location as accurately as possible.

Call and delete

Of course, tracking is only part of finding your smartphone. Suppose you see that your phone is within a radius of five meters around you, but you have no idea where exactly. Then it is useful to have a signal played on the device. You can also do this via the Android Device Manager page.

When you click the button To call, the unit will go to maximum volume for five minutes. In addition, it is possible to send a notification to the device. Both ways can help you find a device that you put down somewhere, but you can't remember where, as well as find a stolen device that you almost tracked down.

Finally, there is the option to remotely wipe the device. To do this, click on the button To clear. You will of course lose all your data, but at least someone else can no longer do anything with it.

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