Download well-known fonts

Major brands all have their own font. Think of Coca Cola, Twitter, Lego or Walt Disney. You can download them via the Dutch FlexFonts service so that you can use them yourself. Totally free. collects a lot of well-known fonts: from big brands like Converse and Marlboro to movie titles like Mars Attacks and Knight Rider. Even a lot of artists - Kiss, AC/DC and Rammstein - are in the overview. You can request the fonts alphabetically or filter by popularity. Conveniently, you can also request a sample for each font. Convinced? Then you can download the font for free. You can even see detailed installation instructions at the bottom of each page. click on Download this font and then put it in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

With each font, you can first enter your own text to get a preview.

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