The 3 Best Alternatives to Evernote

Evernote is a super comprehensive note-taking program. That is the immediate disadvantage, because for some people it is a bit too extensive. We offer you three alternatives.

Evernote lets you do a lot more than just jot down notes. The app syncs across almost all platforms, you can create comprehensive lists, complete archives, and so on. That's great, but also comes with an extensive interface and a learning curve. Not everyone is waiting for that. The following three alternatives are considerably simpler. Also read: Getting started with Evernote in 3 steps.


This program lives up to its name because it is incredibly 'simple'. Usually that is a disadvantage, but in this case it is not. Simplenote helps you easily take notes, and sync with various platforms, including Windows, iOS, OS X, and even the Kindle Fire. Do not expect extensive functionality, you can not even upload images. After all, it's called a note, not a Word document. You can download the different versions from the Simplenote website.

Apple Notes

An app from Apple in this list? Doesn't it only work on Apple devices? Yes and no. We really like Apple's Notes app, because it has the minimalism of Simplenote, but just a little more functions. You can add todo lists to it, attach photos, videos, and even entire documents. Do you work with a PC? That's no problem either, because you can also read and edit notes via iCloud.

Google Keep

Google also has a great app for taking notes, and this one is seriously underrated in our opinion. The app looks super simple, but it can do a lot more than most people think. For example, did you know that you can turn notes into a to-do list with Google Keep? And that you can convert an image into text? Add to that the integration in Gmail, and you have an app that stimulates your productivity.

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