The 15 best and most useful online tools

More and more services work partially or even completely online. Well-known examples are Gmail and, but there are more gems. We discuss the best online tools that only require a browser. The tools are free, handy and you don't need to install anything!

Tip 01: Beautiful poster

Sometimes an invitation to some party falls on your doormat that makes you think, "How did they make that?" If you take the time to work with Canva, you'll notice that you don't have to take a course to quickly put together something beautiful yourself. You can use Canva for posters, cards, Facebook covers, and more. Choose a background, select your photos and format the text. Quickly drag and drop all elements where you want them, apply any effects and you're done! Read ok: The 13 Best Freeware Tips of September.

Some elements of Canva aren't free, anything labeled "Free" is. Do you still use paid elements (for example stock photos or a template)? Then you pay, for example, 1 dollar for this when downloading your creation.

Tip 02: Photo Editing

More and more websites prove that computer programs are outdated. laughs at programs that allow you to create collages or enhance photos. The service is very user-friendly. Within a few mouse clicks you have added your photo and you can experiment with effects, improvements or mood adjustments. You can also quickly put together a collage and it always works well with baby photos, party invitations or other project with a personal touch.

Some parts of are only for premium users, but with the free version you can already make a lot of beautiful things. Working with advanced layers (known from 'Photoshop and co') is not included. All functions work intuitively. Trying out filters and effects is easy. With the button Undo undo your last adjustment and you can continue playing.

Tip 03: Make a poster

Most printers have a poster making facility. A photo is divided over several A4 sheets so that you can stick them together yourself later. The result is not always pretty and it costs a lot of ink if the prints fail. Rasterbator avoids this waste and produces a much better result than most printer programs.

Upload your photo to Rasterbator and indicate how many A4 pages you want to spread the image over. You can rasterize the photo for a nice result or apply no effects. The latter is only recommended if you use a high-resolution photo. Rasterbator creates the poster for you, after which you can download it as a PDF file, complete with cutting lines. At each step you see a preview of the end result. Need inspiration? Use the search term 'Rasterbator' in Google and look at photos to see what you can make with Rasterbator.

Tip 04: Download from YouTube

There are many programs to download videos from YouTube and save them on your computer. Thanks to, you don't need to install anything. Copy the address of the YouTube video and paste it on the website. Confirm with Further. The service is looking at download options. Then choose for example mp4 to download the movie file or for mp3 if you prefer to turn it into a music file. In the latter case gives suggestions for the best quality setting of the MP3 file. It is of course not allowed to violate (copy) rights or other rules.

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