Put your old VHS tapes on DVD

You may have a stack of old video tapes lying around. Are you still doing something with it? New? Sin! VHS tapes don't last for ages, and picture quality deteriorates. Time to put it all on DVD, which isn't that hard at all. Thanks to the brand new software package MAGIX Save your videos 3.0 (60 euros), you can easily load, edit and burn your old video images. A USB video converter and SCART adapter are included. The software can also handle formats such as S-VHS, Video 8, Hi8 and Betamax. MAGIX Save your videos 3.0 is not unique on the market. There are other programs that cost about the same and have the same functions on board, but this package excels in its user-friendliness. We explain step by step how to connect your video recorder, load images, edit them and finally burn them to DVD.

1. Install software

Insert the installation disc and click Start.exe if the installation wizard does not start automatically. Choose the option Video easy Save your videos, close other open programs and click Next one. Accept the license terms and choose the Defaultinstallation. click on Next one and to install to proceed to. After a few minutes, click Complete to end the installer. You are automatically prompted to also install MAGIX USB-Videowandler 2. click on Next one and to install. Choose Complete when the installation is complete.

2. Register

Normally you will find a shortcut on your desktop after installation. If not, you can also access the software via Start / All Programs / MAGIX / MAGIX Video easy Save your videos/ MAGIX Video easy Save your videos. When you start the program for the first time, you still need to register the package. Enter your serial number, the code can be found on the back of the installation disc's paper CD sleeve. Also enter your email address. Then click Register directly online and follow the wizard or click Start to get started immediately.

3. Create video project

In the welcome screen of Save your videos, you will be asked whether you want to create a new video project or load a video project. Choose Create new video project and enter a project name. Confirm the name with the OK-knob. To import video from a VHS tape, choose Videos from analog sources (e.g. VCR). Then click Close. The program records in mpeg2 format by default. In the dialog box, choose Using MXV format if you wish.

4. Connect VCR

You can connect a VHS recorder with a SCART output using the supplied SCART plug. Make sure that the switch on the plug is on OUT is set. Connect the red, white and yellow RCA plugs to the mini USB cable and then to the USB video converter. Plug the converter into a free USB port. Does your video recorder not have a SCART output? Then you can use the three RCA plugs or S-video connection. Select on your screen MAGIX USB video converter 2 and indicate whether you use composite (RCA plugs) or S-Video. Then click on Further.

5. Set recording quality

Turn on the VHS recorder and rewind the video tape completely. Press on the playbutton on your VCR to play the video. On your computer screen, you will see a dialog box with a small preview window on the left and recording quality checkboxes on the right. Select Highest if you want to digitally archive important video footage and choose High if you are working on an older computer and wish to use less memory. Note that image distortions due to compression are possible due to this setting. click on Transfer video to computer to start recording.

6. Set quality yourself

If you want quality settings other than the default settings Highest or High, you can make your own settings. Click on the button for this Extended view and choose the option User Defined. You can now determine your own resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, video and audio quality. click on OK to confirm. Also the Video standard you can change. This is standard for the Netherlands and Belgium PAL B. Through Audio source you can also specify how the sound should be recorded.

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