Anonymously browse the internet with SafeIP

There are several ways to surf anonymously(er). Many tricks are reserved for experts only. In this article we will discuss a very simple gimmick of SafeIP. Once you know how it works, you can use this program at times when you think you need more anonymity.

Step 1: SafeIP

SafeIP works with 'intermediate servers'. For example, when you visit a website, it will see the IP address of the 'intermediate server' and not the IP address of your internet connection. The nice thing about SafeIP is that you can easily activate the program and then visit websites anonymously with your own browser. As soon as you no longer need this functionality, switch off SafeIP again and work via your own IP address again. Also read: 9 tips to guarantee your online privacy.

Download and install the SafeIP program. Click on the SafeIP icon in the system tray and choose Open SafeIP. Bee Current IP you will see your current IP address. If SafeIP is not active, this IP address is the same as the IP address of your internet connection. The IP address of your internet connection is also listed Protection overview Bee Real IP. click on Connect or Change IP to run your internet connection via SafeIP. Start your browser now and surf anonymously(er).

Step 2: Block Ads

In addition to anonymizing via a new IP address, SafeIP has more options that are useful to try out. Look at the SafeIP settings in the tab Settings. Here you will find, among other things, an ad blocking system, protection against malware and you can have tracking cookies stopped.

In the tab Optimizations you can optimize the program for anonymous browsing (active by default) or streaming media. The optimization for anonymous torrents is only available if you have a SafeIP Pro subscription (starting at $9 for three months).

Step 3: Default off

It's always good to use programs that claim to provide security and anonymity with a healthy dose of suspicion, especially if they're free. Everything seems fine with SafeIP, but we still recommend not to let the program start automatically. The main reason for this is speed. If you use the SafeIP solution anonymously, it always works slower than if you don't use SafeIP. Open the settings of SafeIP and look at Settings. Make sure the option Run at Windows startup is not active. Start SafeIP manually as soon as you need the program.

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