This is how you remove the search field in the Windows 10 start menu

Windows 10 users are treated to a rather prominent search field next to the start button. Not only does it take up unnecessary space on the taskbar, it's also annoying to have this in view all the time, especially when you're not using it. So back with that modest magnifying glass!

Microsoft's thinking on user interface design is often a bit difficult to follow. Take that very prominent search field that suddenly appears continuously on the Windows 10 taskbar. As of Windows 10 version 1903, that is the case, to be exact. It is a huge space eater and also comes across as quite intrusive. That old magnifying glass wasn't so crazy after all! Fortunately, you can quickly return to it. To do this, first click with the right mouse button on an empty part of the taskbar, and then - simply with the left - in the opened context menu on Taskbar Settings. To get rid of the large search field, turn the switch below Using small taskbar buttons at. Hop: the search field disappears immediately! Extra perk: the icons on the taskbar are slightly smaller, so that they fit more.

Turn off search completely

Don't want a search button on your taskbar at all? Then you can also disable it completely in Windows 10. You do this as follows: click with the right mouse buttonon the taskbar and choose the option To searchand then click Hide. The search function then disappears completely from the start menu. Still regret your choice? Then, in the same menu item, check Show search icon.

This will remove the search function from the start menu, but you can still search. Just click the Windows 10 start button once and type in a keyword. Windows 10 will then still show you the results.

More options

Now that you've arrived at the taskbar's settings window, it's worth checking out the other options available. There may be some tweaks here that make you happy. For example, if you do not want the contacts icon to be visible all the time (the icons to the left of the system tray), you can put the switch under Show contacts on the taskbar from. It saves another icon and certainly if you never use this thing: get rid of it. Keep it clear and simple.

If you don't need a taskbar that is continuously on screen, set the switch below Auto-hide the taskbar in desktop mode Once on. You will now see that the bar slides away. It only reappears when you move your mouse to the (default) bottom edge of the screen again. Can have its charm!

It is also possible to place the taskbar in a different position on the screen. To do this, use the options in the selection menu under Location of taskbar on the screen. For users of multiple monitors, there are also some practical options available. For example, you don't have to show a language bar on every screen, it saves screen space and keeps things clear. In short: there are quite a few things that can be tweaked to the Windows 10 taskbar!

Quickly open websites

Don't feel like opening a browser screen every time and then typing in a website address? Then use the address bar in the taskbar. To enable this, click with the rightmouse button on the taskbar, and choose Toolbarsand then for Address. An address bar will then appear on the taskbar. Enter a URL followed by Enteropens the specified website in your favorite browser.

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