Easily install a lot of software with Ninite

After a clean installation, reinstalling all your programs is a chore. Think of chat, antivirus, music and mail programs or software such as Flash, .NET, Silverlight and Java. Just thinking about it makes you lose heart. The creator of the Ninite program must have encountered this as well, he has come up with a very handy solution.

The website www.ninite.com has a long list of the most well-known software programs. From FTP to photo editing programs, there is a handy tool in every category. You can select the desired programs from the list.

Then click the button at the bottom of the page Get Installer to download an installer. When this program is started, it will download and install the selected programs one by one. Do not be afraid that software will be installed in English. During the test, if available, the Dutch version of the selected software was automatically installed.

Save the installation file you just downloaded. You can use this later to update the software. If you open this same installation file at a later time, it will be checked whether you have all the latest software versions. If this is not the case, the latest version will be installed immediately. You no longer have to go through wizards for each program.

Pro & Updater

In addition to the free online service, a pro version and Ninite Updater are also offered. The Pro version (from 20 dollars per month) is especially interesting for companies. This allows all computers within a network to be provided with the selected software. Also in the Pro version no list has to be compiled online, but this option is offered within the program itself. For Ninite Updater you pay ten dollars per year. This program runs in the background and notifies you as soon as an update of one of the programs supported by Ninite is available.

The number of supported programs within Ninite is quite large.


Ninite is a handy program that takes a lot of work off your hands. No more annoying installation wizards and all necessary software installed in one go. It is also an easy way to check every now and then whether all software is still up-to-date. Ninite.com is a website that should definitely not be missing from your favorites.


Language English

OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Ubuntu Linux


Very easy to use

No installation wizard

Dutch if available


Insufficient control over the installation location(s)

SCORE 9/10

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