Unsend email in Outlook

We all have less clear moments from time to time. For example if you forget to add an attachment, or if you accidentally press Ctrl+Enter while typing an email. With that key combination your email is sent by default. Gmail has the option to unsend an email, but can you just do that in Microsoft Office Outlook? Yes!

Exchange to Exchange

If you're emailing from an Exchange to an Exchange account, you can revoke all your email in certain circumstances. This only works if you email someone on the same Exchange server, for example within a company. Open your sent email in a separate window by double clicking on it, go to Actions and then click Revoke this message. Then choose the option Delete unread copies of this message to retract the message. As the text suggests, this only applies to unread messages. So not optimal.


So, Gmail has the function of undoing the sending of a message for a certain amount of time. Now, Google hasn't extended SMTP with pullback functionality, but the search giant simply delays sending the message by a few seconds. This is also possible in Outlook, you can set it as follows. In Outlook, go to File / Manage Rules and Alerts. click on New onesrule and choose Apply rule to messages I send. click on Next one. You can adjust the rule here to your liking. For example, you can only apply delayed sending to certain email accounts or to specific senders. When you're done, click Next one and optionally confirm that the rule is applied to each message. Choose the action now delay delivery of the message for a few minutes. Click on a number at the bottom and enter 1 minute, that is long enough to realize that something has gone wrong. click on Next / Next, enter a name for the rule and save the rule.

Block mail

With this active rule, you can now easily cancel your accidentally sent email. After clicking send, go to the Outbox or Outbox folder. The email will remain there for a minute. You can drag the email to the Drafts folder or delete it altogether. Please note that you do not close Outlook immediately after sending your e-mail, otherwise your e-mail will only be sent after you restart Outlook.

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