How to use your iPhone's Health app

Health is probably one of the most important things in life, according to Apple. The Health app has been overhauled especially for iOS 13 and you now have even more options to gain insight into your own health.

When you start the app for the first time, you will receive an overview of the new functionalities in a welcome screen, including more overview of your activities. The app can even track a menstrual cycle. Next, you need to fill in some basic information. Think of your name, date of birth, gender, weight and height.

When you have entered all this information, you will see an overview of your recent activities. At first glance this seems a bit sketchy, but in reality there is a lot of data that you have insight into. For example, within the app, click at the bottom on Discover to view the various categories followed in the app. That's how you can get to Heart gain insight into your heart rate, but also into your blood pressure and oxygen saturation.

By the category Activity you can see what you have done in terms of exercise: from walking to climbing stairs, but also what distance you have cycled or swam. Click on an activity, for example Steps, then you get an overview of how many steps you have taken in a day or in a week, month or year. You can also link various third-party apps to Apple's application to get even more specialized details about particular activities.

Medical ID

Even if you don't plan to actively use the Health app, it's a good idea to start filling in your medical information first. In the app you can create a medical ID, which is also intended for emergency workers to find out more about you in the event of an emergency.

by on To work clicking, you can indicate if you have any medical conditions or allergies, are taking any medications and what your blood type is. You can also add SOS contacts. This information appears on the screen as soon as you call the emergency number.

Once you're using the Health app, you can edit or add medical info by simply tapping your profile picture on the right side of the summary screen. Here it is also possible to adjust your privacy settings and to possibly link devices to the app, such as the Apple Watch. The watch then sends information to the app. You can also download your data.

Are you launching the Health app for the first time? Apple has made a short introductory video to get you started.

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