Control the autocorrect on iPhone and iPad

Autocorrect on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch sometimes corrects words incorrectly. If you would like to work without autocorrect, or if you want to make optimal use of the service, we explain here how you can best do that.

Set keywords

You can influence the autocorrect function of your iPhone or iPad by inserting keywords. This corrects words that you enter incorrectly in the way you want. For example, if you type dta instead of that , you can insert that this word is automatically corrected. Also read: 9 tips for typing on your iPhone or iPad.

Go to Institutions, choose General and select Keyboard. Scroll down and tap New keyword. Top up Sentence enter the text you want. Then add keyword with which word you want to obtain the text or specified sentence. The keyword must not contain spaces and when you are done choose Keep to save the settings.

You can also make complete sentences from, for example, dialect.

Make sentences

Besides making corrections in words, you can also use complete sentences. The train is delayed, you can put away as keyword dthv, after which autocorrect will give this suggestion and adjust it. This allows you to send short messages quickly and effectively, without having to type a lot.

Set other language as dictionary

If you want to type in another language on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in addition to the Dutch language, you can select a second dictionary. Here you come through Institutions. Choose the tab General and open Keyboard. Go to Keyboards and then choose Add keyboard to add a new dictionary to the autocorrect function. You can also delete a dictionary by pressing Change button, then choose the - for the keyboard and select Delete. Choose Ready to save.

Choose multiple languages ​​to supplement the vocabulary.

Disable autocorrect function

If you're completely tired of autocorrect, you can add it Institutions on your iOS device. Open Institutions, go to the tab General and select Keyboard. Now put the button behind Autocorrect off to disable the autocorrect function. iOS will continue to check your spelling and will highlight it in red. Put the button behind Check spelling off to disable this feature.

Tired of all those corrections, just turn off autocorrect

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