This way you gain insight into your app use on Android with Digital Wellbeing

The Digital Wellbeing option allows you to reduce the time you spend on your smartphone. If you're running the latest version of Android, you can set app timers and automatically set your screen to grayscale before you go to sleep. We'll explain how you can gain more insight into your app usage.

Digital Wellbeing

In the latest version of Android One and Pixel devices, the Digital Wellbeing option is baked in by default. You can find it by going to Institutions to go and look for the option Digital Wellbeing. If you don't find the option, you can try to open the app Digital Wellbeing search in the Google Play Store and install it. If you have an older version, you can install another similar app, which will probably work differently than described here.

At the top of the Digital Wellbeing app, you'll see a colored chart showing how many minutes you've spent on which app today. The total time you have spent on your smartphone is shown in the middle.

Set App Timers

To reduce the use of a particular app, you can set a timer. Tap the text 0 app timers set and navigate to the appropriate app at the bottom. You see that now No timer stands. Choose here 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or give a Custom timer on. If you use the app for more than the indicated time in a day, the app will be closed. If you are often distracted by notifications, check which apps you receive the most notifications from by clicking . at the top Receive notifications to tap. You can now see the exact number of notifications per app. You manage the notifications at Settings / Apps & Notifications.

Almost bedtime

A powerful feature of Digital Wellbeing is that you have the option Almost bedtime can enable. Tap it and always choose Next one to go through the introduction. At the end you give Start the time when you normally no longer want to use your smartphone. Set this half an hour to an hour before your normal bedtime. Bee End you set the time from when you want to use your smartphone again. If your alarm is set later than this time, this setting will be ignored. Make sure you shades of gray and Do not disturb have activated. From the start time, your screen will become gray and therefore less attractive to look at. Notifications are also no longer displayed.

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