Shadow of the Colossus (2018) - This is how a remake should be

Shadow of the Colossus, Team Ico's second title, came out 11 years ago for the PlayStation 2. Since then, this classic has stood alone, as no one has made a similar game. To introduce it to a new generation, Sony has ordered a remake from Bluepoint Games.

Shadow of the Colossus (2018)


Bluepoint Games / Sony




action adventure


Playstation 4

Website: 9.5 Score 95

  • Pros
  • Original is intact
  • Looks fantastic
  • Smoother than original
  • Photo mode
  • Negatives
  • Controls and camera keep teasing

We were a little concerned about this remake. The original Shadow of the Colossus is a work of art and not too much should change. What would a full remake do to our memories? However, it didn't take long after starting up until all our worries disappeared like snow in the sun. This is Shadow of the Colossus as we know it, while also allowing us to experience the game in a whole new way with graphics fit for 2018.

David and Goliath

In Shadow of the Colossus, you are a warrior who wants his deceased loved one back. For this, he travels to a deserted land to ask for help from higher powers. They give him a clear order: defeat the sixteen creatures in this land and we will return her soul. Simple right? However, when you see your first target, you soon lose heart: these creatures are gigantic. You as a small human face a colossus as high as a flat, with a weapon the size of a bus. This dark creature looks at you with its shining eyes, while you stand trembling on your knees, carrying only a bow and a sword.

Fortunately, it is not just any sword. If you hold this weapon up, a blue light will point not only to your next target, but also to weaknesses on the colossi's bodies. Your goal is to reach these points. Each colossus is therefore a puzzle in which you figure out how to climb the beast and insert your sword into those weak points without falling off.

Nicer and harder

The remake puts these sixteen magical creatures on your screen more fiercely than ever before. They were already impressive on the PlayStation 2, but now they are simply beautiful. That just makes it harder to stick a sword in their heads. They haven't done you any wrong, yet without thinking you step on your trusty horse to find and kill the next creature. Everything has to give way to get your loved one back.

Climbing over the furry surfaces of the animals, it is striking how soft and lush the fur has become. As you hold on tight and advance little by little, one of the best game soundtracks ever swells up. Then it doesn't matter if you've played this game before. You will experience it as new again.

Besides the colossi, the whole world is a joy to watch. The sun is more powerful, the fog more atmospheric and the water more realistic. The world is still an empty and above all lonely place, but driving through it while the camera takes a cinematic position is nothing short of insane.

Photo mode

One of the great strengths of Shadow of the Colossus is its simplicity. The game offers a world where it's all about you and that colossi. You don't have to collect anything, defeat little creatures and upgrade yourself. As a result, the game hardly fits into the game landscape of 2018, but shows how strong such a focus can be.

The controls have been slightly modified. Some buttons have changed and the main character moves a little more smoothly. The adjustments are subtle, but nice. However, the controls remain recognizable and there are also some inconveniences. For example, the camera can sometimes cause problems during the action.

An easy mode has also been added, but the coolest extra is the photo mode. At any point in the game, press the photo button to take a snapshot. The options for post-processing are remarkably extensive. You can swing the camera around, choose filters, adjust the color balance, change the depth and sharpness and so on. If you enjoy playing with this, you'll spend twice as long with the game, because you always see a nice angle for a photo.


This is how a remake should be. The original remains intact, but with beautiful graphics, slightly modified controls and some nice extras that don't change the base. Fans of the original can therefore breathe easy, because the remake was made with all the respect and love for the eleven-year-old game. The fact that the controls and the camera are not yet completely perfect is also part of it. For others, this is the perfect opportunity to experience this classic for the first time.

This remake also proves that Shadow of the Colossus is rightly called a classic. With only a few minor adjustments, the game remains firmly in place in 2018. In our original review eleven years ago we wrote the terrible conclusion: "It's an experience you have to live". We're still behind that.

Shadow of the Colossus will be available for purchase on February 6 for PlayStation 4.

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