Course: Use your old Android as a server

Have you recently switched to a new smartphone and do you still have your old Android in your closet? Don't let it get dusty, but use it as a home server! In this course we explain the possibilities and how you can breathe new life into your old Android as an energy-efficient center of your (home) network.

When you buy a new Android phone, you probably relegate your old one to a drawer in your closet, thinking it might come in handy someday. He's actually just laying there, gathering dust. After all, Android has evolved a lot in recent years, and if you've tasted the latest gadgets in Android 4.x, an Android 2.x phone will probably no longer appeal to you.

Second Life

But such an 'old' Android phone is still quite capable of a lot, because you can still run a lot of useful apps on it. For example, we recently discovered the free Android app Servers Ultimate from app maker Ice Cold Apps. This installs a bunch of server applications on your old Android phone (from Android 2.1 “Eclair”), allowing you to stream media, share files, set up a web server, and so on. In the course below we explain step by step how to get started!

Course: Use your old android as a server from IDG Netherlands

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