Use your iPhone as a baby monitor

Baby monitors are handy things, but of course you have to have them with you. What if you're visiting friends and want to put your kids to bed there, but don't have a baby monitor with you? Don't worry, as long as you have two iPhones within range, there's nothing to worry about.

Your iPhone is a fairly advanced device, which means, among other things, that it has a high-quality microphone, as well as a great camera and speakers. Those three elements are useful for making calls, but they can also serve as…indeed…a baby monitor. If you have two iPhones, one device can act as a child unit, i.e. the part of the 'baby monitor' that is in the little one's bedroom, and the other device can function as a parent unit, i.e. the part of the baby monitor that receives any sound signals. picks up. Technically, you've caught this story, but of course you still need a special baby monitor app for it. An excellent app for this is Baby Monitor 3G, which you can download for 3 euros 59 from the app store.

For less than four euros you have a fully functioning baby monitor.

The operation is then very simple. On both iPhones you start the app, on one iPhone you choose baby unit (you do this first) and then on the other iPhone for Parent unit. The two iPhones will find and connect to each other. When sound is heard near the Baby unit, you will immediately hear it on the Parent unit, and receive a notification that the baby is awake. You can then see on the screen how long it has been since there was sound, and also how much battery the Baby unit still has. If the connection is broken, you will be notified immediately. Nice is that you can not only listen to sound, but with the help of the flash on the Baby unit (which you can control from the Parent unit) you can actually see your baby. And does something happen? Then you can speak to your baby using the microphone.

On the Parent unit you can see exactly how long ago there was noise in the 'baby room'.

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