The 15 Best Add-ons for Every Browser

You get the most out of your web browser when you use extensions. For example, you can block ads, quickly view certain content via a VPN or save websites and images. In this article you will find the 15 best extensions of the moment.


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Go to the menu and click More tools / Extensions to turn extensions on and off. At the bottom, click Add more extensions to install extensions. For an extension, click Add. to Chrome and then Add extension.


In Firefox, click Tools / Add-ons / Extensions. To install extensions, click Get Add-ons. In addition to extensions, Firefox also has plug-ins. These are additional options that allow you to view Flash, Java, or Quicktime items in Firefox, for example. After installing an extension, you must restart Firefox.

Internet Explorer

An extension in Internet Explorer is called an add-on. You can view your installed add-ons by clicking on the gear and choosing Manage add-ons. To add an extension for Internet Explorer, it is best to go directly to the manufacturer's page and choose a direct download there. Most add-ons also work in Edge.

Tip 01: Ghostery

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari

This extension searches for plugins and trackers installed on websites and will alert you when it finds trackers. Such a plug-in or tracker can then be blocked. When you start Ghostery for the first time, you can see a short explanation. After the introduction, put a tick in front of it Click here to activate the information pop-up. Now when you open a website, you will see that the pop-up indicates exactly which trackers are installed on the page. To block a tracker, click on the Ghostery icon and turn off the slider behind a tracker. The next time you open this website, the tracker will not load.

AdBlock Plus allows you to block all ads on a page

Tip 02: Adblock Plus

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge

Advertisements on websites can be quite annoying, which is why an ad blocker is a good choice. AdBlock Plus is one of the best and can block all ads on a page. Even commercials that play before a YouTube video can be magically removed. You don't need to configure anything: all forms of advertising are blocked by default. If you want insight into what exactly is happening, click on the icon to the right of the address bar. By the way, there are more good ad blockers on the market.

Tip 03: Avast Online Security


A virus scanner is of course not an unnecessary luxury. But did you know that you can also immediately install a virus scanner in your browser that warns you about malicious websites, trackers or scripts? Click the Avast icon to the right of the address bar to learn more about issues on a website. It is also useful that the extension places a green, yellow or red icon behind the search result with a Google command. This way you know before you click on a link whether a website may pose a danger.

Tip 04: OneTab

Chrome, Firefox

If you suffer from a slow computer and you suspect that the browser is the cause, install this extension. It reduces the memory your browser needs and combines all tabs into one tab. To access a tab, click on a title in the list. All you have to do is click the button next to the address bar. Click on Restore tabs, then the tabs are reset.

LastPass stores your passwords securely and you only need to remember a master password

Tip 05: LastPass

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge

Forget password notes, create an account with LastPass. This service stores your passwords securely and you only need to remember a master password. Then, if you install the extension in your browser, LastPass can give you instant access to sites that you normally have to log in to. After installation, a tab will open where you need to create an account. Once you are logged in and you need to enter a new password on a website, a LastPass icon will appear in the input field. Click on it and choose Generate a new password. Then choose to save the password. In the next window, fill in the details and click Save website. LastPass now knows that this password belongs to that website. You do not have to save the password yourself and you still have a strong password.

Tip 06: HTTPS Everywhere

Chrome, Firefox

Make sure that you always surf via an https connection when you send sensitive information, for example when you enter a password. You can recognize this by the color of your address bar or an icon with a lock in front of the web address. To make sure you never forget, install the HTTPS Everywhere extension. This extension forces your browser to establish a secure connection. If this is not possible, you will receive a message. If you click the icon next to the address bar and put a checkmark in front of Block all HTTP requests, then it will be impossible to surf unsafely in the future. As soon as you tick Disable HTTPS Everywhere you see that in the icon the word OFF appears.

Tip 07: Unlimited Free VPN – Hola

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Once you've installed the extension, click the icon to the right of the address bar. Click on a service, such as for example Netflix, and choose a country, for example the US. Now log into your Netflix account and you will see that you can access US content. Next time you want to see a football or Formula 1 match that is only streamed for German visitors, just change the country Germany and go to the website of ARD, ZDF or RTL. To disconnect, click the off button on the Hola screen. Please note that some services do not allow the use of a VPN and in extreme cases can block your account.

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