How to share your games on Google Stadia with your friends

Google has started rolling out a new feature for Google Stadia. From now on you can share your purchased games with friends and family. The update has already arrived with us, but it may take a while before everyone gets access to the handy feature.

In this new system you buy a game once on Google Stadia. After that, everyone who is part of the group of people that you have to create for this, that you have chosen, can start up and play that game. Unfortunately, it is not the case that you can play the same game with two people at the same time. So if you want to play a game online, both players still need to purchase their own license for that video game. This is especially useful in families or groups of friends where people often play the same games, so it can actually save money.

Create group for Google Stadia

What you need to do for this is very simple: you need a family group. With such a group you can share purchases that you have made at various Google services, including Google Stadia. You can place a total of five people in one group. To do this, go to the Play Store app on your Android smartphone. You open the menu on the left, tap Account and find the Family tab (on the far right of the line). Now press Create now. Then follow the on-screen instructions and add your friends and family you trust. Otherwise you can arrange this directly via the Stadia website, via this link. Press Family on the left and also follow the instructions.

Once you've done that, everyone still needs a Google Stadia account. Chances are if you want to share those games with your friends that everyone already has one, but otherwise you can create one here.

In addition, it is important that a valid payment method is available. Think, for example, of a shared credit card or shared PayPal account. You can fight that amongst yourselves. You can also have one person pay for everything and reimburse the rest via Tikkies. Anyway, make sure you only do this with people you trust, as money is involved.

You also have to take into account a number of limitations. As mentioned before, no two accounts can play the same game at the same time. This is possible if the game has been purchased twice or has been claimed twice with different Stadia Pro accounts. In addition, when you cancel your Stadia account, the Pro games disappear automatically (but on the other hand, with one Pro account you can play all the 'free' games).

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