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With the Dutch web application you can create an interactive timeline in no time. You can then share it with other users. The subject is of course entirely up to you: your travels over the past ten years, a history of your idol, a company report or a personal timeline with your most important milestones.

As with any web application, you must register first, which is free by the way. Then you can get started. Give your timeline a name, choose a category and description and determine the privacy settings: public timelines can be viewed and embed by anyone, a private timeline can only be viewed when you are logged in. Then enter the events: choose a title, enter a start and end point, and add a short description. A strong asset of is that you can embellish the timeline not only with text or photos, but also with music, YouTube fragments, Google Maps and so on. Also very useful is that you can invite people to collaborate on your timeline. It is enough to enter the email addresses of your colleagues, friends or relatives.

It is entirely up to you whether you design a public or private timeline.

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