The best countdown apps for your smartphone

We used to count 'sleeping nights' until something fun like Sinterklaas or our birthday would take place. Why stop the countdown when there's something fun on your calendar to look forward to? Fortunately, you no longer have to keep track of the number of nights you sleep, because there are countless apps that can take care of this for you. These are the best countdown apps for your smartphone.

Time Until

With the Time Until app you can personalize your own countdown so that it completely matches the appearance of your interface or home screen. The app works fairly straightforward: you enter a name for the event you want to count down to, set the date and select an image that completes the picture. The app has various moving backgrounds available, but you can of course also load your own media. Once you choose a background, you can adjust all kinds of things yourself, such as the font. In addition, you can also set whether you want to start the countdown repeatedly and whether you want to receive a notification of the countdown. You can run multiple countdowns at the same time and view them in a grid view in one overview. Incidentally, the app also offers a widget that you can place on your home screen.

Countdown widget

Are you looking for a good countdown widget so that you can always see at a glance how long it will take until your event? Then countdown widget is a great option. This app is no frills but offers all the customization features you could want: you can adjust the background to your liking, the font and color of this and even in which units you want to count down. From months, weeks and days to seconds and even heartbeats, this app tells you exactly how much longer something will take.

Countdown to Anything

Are you looking for a countdown app that is both nicely designed and that tells you exactly how long it will take until your partner's birthday, Christmas, New Year and Valentine? Then the Countdown to Anything app is worth considering. In this app you can easily add a new countdown via the plus sign at the bottom right of the screen. If you enter your events in English, you will automatically get a countdown. This is useful for holidays, for example. You can choose the color for each countdown and a cute icon to distinguish the countdown from the other timers you have running. In the overview of 'my countdowns' you can see all your countdowns at a glance.


Do you want others to be able to countdown with you? Then of course you can always use the countdown function in your Instagram story. To do this, take a photo and tap the sticker icon at the top. Then choose 'countdown' and you can edit your personal countdown so that all your followers can enjoy it. They can also receive a notification when the countdown is over. Great for when you have something planned as a group!

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