This is how you unlink apps from Facebook

Over the years, you've probably linked quite a few apps with Facebook. Nice and easy, because you can log in to platforms such as Instagram and Spotify with the push of a button without having to worry about usernames and passwords. Still, this convenience may not be the best choice for your privacy, especially after the scandal that recently hit Facebook. Here's how to unlink all your Facebook apps.

Deleting apps from Facebook not only prevents Facebook from accessing that app's user data, it also prevents you from accidentally deleting your Facebook account. When you delete your Facebook account, it is still possible for two weeks to reactivate the account when you log in to a service via Facebook.

Remove apps from Facebook

To remove apps from your Facebook account, go to Institutions, after which you navigate to apps. Now you see an overview of the apps that you have ever linked to your Facebook account and with which you can 'log in via Facebook'.

Next to the name of the app, you can see who can see your activities on that platform. This can range from anyone, just friends or just me. To uninstall the app, check it and press remove. In the search bar you can search for specific apps that you want to unlink with your Facebook. It has recently become possible to remove multiple apps from your Facebook account at the same time. To do this check multiple apps, and press remove.

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