This is what's new on Netflix this month

Countless new Netflix movies and Netflix series appear every month. Difficult to keep track of all, so we list all the new added films and series, and all new seasons of old series. This is what's new on Netflix this month!

Can't get enough of Netflix? In the article New on Netflix we collect all the monthly lists for you. Have you seen them all?

Isn't It Romantic

A romantic comedy with a twist: that's what we get to see in Isn't it Romantic. In this, Rebel Wilson plays a young architect who seems unable to find a job both in terms of career and love. In addition, she is very skeptical about long-term relationships. Something that obviously doesn't help finding true love. When she gets hit by a car and loses her memory, she wakes up in the sweetest rom-com imaginable. How will she deal with this?

save dragon

Red Dragon is a thriller classic in which Anthony Hopkins once again crawls into Hanibal Lecter's house to terrify us. People are being murdered and although Doctor Lecter is under lock and key, he still proves to be helpful in tracking down this new killer.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Thirteen-year-old William Kamcamba is expelled from school when it turns out that his parents can no longer afford the financial costs of his studies. The young teenager does not give up, however, because he has a much more noble goal: he wants to build a windmill in his village that is slowly starving. He and his father set to work to help his village.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This well-known tear-jerker starring Will Smith also appears on Netflix this month. The Pursuit of Happyness follows a struggling father who sells typewriters door to door and can't make ends meet. Slowly but surely he loses everything, no matter how hard he tries. Life weighs heavily on him and it only gets worse when he also has to take care of his little son.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Good news for all Formula 1 fans! Formula 1: Drive to Survive will be available on Netflix from March 8. This documentary was shot in previous seasons. There are in-depth interviews with the greatest and most famous drivers, background information from the grid and much more. Our own national pride Max Verstappen will also appear in this documentary. Those who watch the GPs more often know that the cars are made in such a way that the drivers run as little danger as possible, but this documentary makes it all nice and dramatic.

Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier starring Ben Afflec, among others, is about a group of special forces soldiers who are reunited to carry out a meticulously planned theft in South America. This time the ex-soldiers are not fighting for the people and the country, but to save their own skin. Of course, there are several obstacles that force the men to use all their skills to save their lives.

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