How to create a private Facebook group

Facebook is a great place to talk to people, but sometimes you need a more private experience. Facebook offers an opportunity for that. You can create groups in which people can send each other messages, without unauthorized persons getting anything from it.

01. Create group

To create a group, click on Facebook in the left navigation column on the heading Groups and then click the button at the top right Create group. The first question you will get is to name the group. You can change that name later. At the field Members add one good friend now, the rest will follow later, because it is wise to configure your group first.

Then you can choose the options Public, Private or Secret. The difference between the latter two is that anyone can see a private group, but only members can see its contents, while a secret group can only be seen by people who have been invited to it. In this case we choose Secret. click on To make to create the group.

A secret Facebook group is only visible to invitees.

02. Configure group

You will now immediately end up in your own group. Click on the gear next to in the top right Create group and then Edit group settings. At the cup Membership Approval you determine whether each member can just add other members or whether the administrator (you) must first approve new members.

In addition, you can enter a description here (so that people know what the group is intended for) and indicate whether all members are allowed to post messages in the group or whether only the administrator is allowed to do so. If you have filled in everything as desired, click on Save.

You determine whether members can also invite new people themselves.

03. Invite Members

By clicking on the tab at the top Members, you can see who is currently in the group (if all is well, only the one friend you invited). In addition, you will see the button Adding people.

When you click on this, you can invite Facebook friends; as soon as you type the first letter of their name, Facebook will fill in the rest. If you don't want to be in charge of the group yourself, click the gear icon under the name of a member you want to make admin, then click Create Admin. You can also remove a member from the group via the same menu.

You can also make others admins so you don't have to do all the work yourself.

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