USB Safeguard 1.1

The bank vault that cannot be cracked does not exist. This also applies to computer security. With this in mind, USB Safeguard is still a nice program. USB Safeguard makes it easy to secure files on a USB stick with encryption.

Download USB Safeguard and copy the program file usbsafeguard.exe to your USB stick. Start USB Safeguard by double clicking usbsafeguard.exe and enter a master password. USB Safeguard asks if you want to save the password as a text file. The Encrypt all button protects all files on the USB stick. You can also protect by file or folder. In this case, drag the files you want to encrypt into the USB Safeguard window and confirm with Encrypt . At the end of the process, USB Safeguard suggests destroying the original files. This prevents the files from being retrieved with special software.

Note: As with other encryption software, caution is advised with USB Safeguard. Incorrect use can lead to data loss. Experiment with USB Safeguard on copies first before using the program.

USB Safeguard protects folders on a standard USB stick.

USB Safeguard 1.1


Language English

Medium 736KB download

OS Windows XP/Vista/7

System requirements Pentium III 1 GHz, 128 MB RAM, USB stick

maker USB Safeguard, Soft.

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