Customize your iPad and iPhone wallpaper

It's easy to customize the background of your iOS device to your liking. However, the rule is: think before you start. Because you can also just lose your favorite wallpaper for good... We explain how to adjust your iPad or iPhone wallpaper.

By default, Apple provides a new set of background images with every new version of iOS. Some are beautiful, some are not. This is of course a matter of personal taste. We ourselves find the amount of usable backgrounds in iOS 12 disappointing. You're in luck if you've upgraded from an earlier version of iOS. In that case, your old wallpaper simply remains. But there is also a certain risk involved. Because if you just want to see how a new wallpaper works, the old 'official' wallpaper from an earlier version of this mobile operating system is lost forever. You are then stuck with either the new background, or you have to use your own photo as background. That is possible again. That also offers some perspectives, because with a bit of luck you can find your old beloved original background online again. We'll be back soon! For now, if you are going to change, you run a significant risk that your old wallpaper can no longer be retrieved. This also applies if you have set your own photo as background that has meanwhile become not more on the Camera Roll. In that case, you have to email the old photo to yourself, for example, and then save it back to the Camera Roll from the email.


Well, if you've decided to tackle the background anyway, it's - fortunately - simple. Launch the Settings app and tap Background. You now see your old background, possibly the last time you see it. Tap on Choose a new background and then tap Dynamic or stationary. The dynamic wallpapers 'move' with the movements of your device. In iOS 12, the default selection in this category is very minimal with a selection of different bubble wallpaper types. In the category stationary there is a little more choice and you will also find some beautiful photos. Choose something you like with a tap and make sure that in the preview - especially with the dynamic background - the option Perspective effect on at stands. Then choose where you want to use the background: Access screen, Home screen or Both. So you can set different wallpapers for both the lock screen and the home screen this way. the moment you tap on one of the three options mentioned, the wallpaper is permanently set. Tip: also save the recovered background in a folder on your computer or NAS, so that you can easily find it again in the future.

Oh no, I want my old one back!

If you don't like the new background after all and you want the old one back, then you may have a problem as promised. Especially if you were using a wallpaper from an earlier version of iOS. In our case, for example, we were very charmed by the space photo of Mother Earth, which was taken from relatively close range. Originally a background of iOS 7, now defunct. Or not quite? There is still a bit of hope as there are a lot of questions from iOS users about the old wallpapers. So it's not surprising that a number of people have collected them and put them online! For example, we found our background on this collection page. You will find many more 'classics' here, so there is a chance that you will also find your copy here. Click on the thumbnail view and save the open high-resolution image to the Camera Roll. In Settings, tap again Background and Choose a new background. Tap on Film role and then on the just saved background image. Problem solved!

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