Share web pages between desktop and mobile browser

The Google Chrome browser has recently been updated with a handy new feature: it is now possible for users to send a link from a specific web page to a linked mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet - with a single push of a button. You can read exactly how that works in this article.

For a large group of people it is already possible to use the new function. For the time being, it is still a test period, since Google has rolled out the option without fanfare. You do not have to update your Google Chrome browser: Google does that for you through a server-side update. So it may just be that you have access to this function, without you actually being aware of it. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily check whether you can already send web pages to your mobile via Chrome on PC.

Sign in to Google Chrome

Before you can start, you must first log in to Google Chrome: on your computer and on your smartphone or tablet. Have you not downloaded the app yet? Then of course you have to do that first. When you open the program or app for the first time, you can log in immediately. Next, on your computer, within the Chrome browser, go to a webpage that contains a link to another page and right-click on that link (use the page we linked here as an example). Now you will be presented with some options, such as opening a new tab, opening a new tab in incognito mode, or being able to save a link. In the future you will also find a new function in this menu.

That feature is in the middle and is called Send Link to Your Devices. This appears when you are logged in to Google Chrome on multiple smartphones and tablets. Do you only have one device? Then it says Send link to [phone name]. Windows will indicate that the link has been sent via the Action Center, while you will receive a notification on your phone containing the link to the page. By opening the notification, you will be taken directly to the page in question. These kinds of functions are not new, by the way. You can also do this via the Microsoft Edge browser, if you have installed the app on your PC and smartphone, for example. Nevertheless, it can be useful when you want to quickly share something with yourself on the go.

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