How to read epub files on your Android tablet

Digital reading is on the rise and e-readers and tablets are selling like hot cakes. If you have bought, downloaded or received an EPUB file somewhere, you can read it very easily on your Android tablet. We explain how!

1. Install an e-reader app

There are many different e-reader apps available with many different possibilities and options. Of course we cannot determine which one you prefer for your Android tablet. An example of an app is in any case Aldiko, a popular e-reader app for Android. The application has its own bookstore, where you can also purchase recently released books.

The app is installed via the Google Play Store. Search for "Aldiko" and walk through the installation process.

2. Locate File

In the app you can easily open and add epub files to your library via traffic jams. You then press Open to view the file and click import to import the file and add it to your library.

3. Read on!

You can now start reading on your Android tablet. The experience of reading on a tablet is different than on an e-reader, but it saves you carrying around another device.

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