You can take living photos with Enlight Pixaloop

You may have already seen them: those photos that partially move. For example at a waterfall. Or moving clouds over a city. You can add such special effects yourself with the Enlight Pixaloop app. It's also incredibly simple!

To work

Do you want some more dynamics in your photos? Beeped via Enlight Pixaloop! You can download this app for free from Google Play or the App Store. When you use the application for the first time, you will receive a short introduction of the different possibilities. Swipe through this and then continue with Dive right in. You can simply click away the ad for Pixaloop Pro with the cross in the top left corner. You can first test the features with the standard photo that Pixaloop offers you.

More beautiful clouds

Of course you want to get started with your own photos. To do this, tap the button with the photo at the top left and give Pixaloop access to your images. Then choose New Project and select a photo from your collection. Pixaloop has some handy presets with which you can give an extra dimension to your image in no time. For example, choose a landscape photo and then tap at the bottom sky. Just pick one of the many examples. The app immediately recognizes the existing cloud formation and replaces it with a moving alternative.

Add motion

Do you want to get started yourself? Open a new project and then tap at the bottom Animate / Freeze at the bottom of. First, select the part of your photo that you want to stay still. Then you can use path draw an arrow in the part that is allowed to move to indicate the direction. Tap the triangle at the bottom right of the photo to preview it. Of speed adjust the speed if necessary. With the button with the arrow at the top right you can save and export the result. You have presets for video, Instagram, Facebook and so on. Choose the format, duration and resolution and finish with Export.

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