Artweaver - Alternative to Photoshop

Although Adobe Photoshop is the standard for image editing and graphic design, it comes with such a hefty price tag that this package is out of reach for many. Artweaver is a great alternative for which you don't have to pull out your wallet in principle.



Free / € 34,-




Windows 7 and above

Website 8 Score 80

  • Pros
  • Layer support
  • Extensive brush and filter set
  • Negatives
  • Some limitations in free version

When selecting a graphic design program, you will find a lot of tools on both sides of the spectrum: simple applications with limited capabilities and advanced applications with a steep learning curve. Artweaver is flexible and attractive to just about all user levels.

Interface & Tools

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Photoshop will quickly feel at home with Artweaver. Here too you will find (by default) an extensive toolbox on the left, and movable panels on the right for, among other things, working with layers, experimenting with color palettes, and calling up and, if desired, undoing previously performed actions.

The toolbox contains almost all important tools. You can make geometric and freehand selections, crop and perspective images, as well as clone and gradient color. A filling bucket and magic wand are also not missing and of course it is possible to place text on your images.

Brushes & Filters

Artweaver also provides a wide range of brushes. By default you will find about twenty different types here, with names like calligraphy, Charcoal and oils. You will find a large number of 'presets' for each brush, but you can also fine-tune them yourself. Extra finesse for this as well as the option to create your own brushes can only be found in the paid Plus variant. It also offers support for Photoshop plugins. We think the price of 34 euros for this premium variant is very reasonable.

Also in the field of filters and special effects, Artweaver does not do badly with more than 30. You can save your creations in various formats, including psd. With a drawing tablet you get even more out of this artistic tool, something that will especially appeal to advanced users.


Artweaver isn't the most powerful artistic design tool on the market, but the price is unmatched, even of the Plus variant. The program offers almost all important tools and the generous selection of brushes and filters ensure that you will get your (brush) features for a long time to come.

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